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Here are a few of our best known & best selling pieces. The Tipton ring is a classic. G/VS round diamonds and G/VVS baguette diamonds set on a tapered 18K/platinum band. It was named after our dear friend and brand ambassador, Kathy Tipton. Our shared-prong earrings were named after Susan Robinson after she sold several pairs of our special hoops in the first year they were introduced. Unlike traditional hoops where the diamonds can only be seen from the front, the unique twist in shape of our earrings allow the diamonds to be seen from any angle.

Tipton  Rings
Brand Ambassador
Susie Earrings

JYE won the 2013 JCK Jewelers' Choice Awards for Best Bracelet Design. Editor-in-chief of Indesign magazine, Trace Sheldon took notice of our award-winning piece and was astounded by its intricate design. He was so impressed with the rest of our line, that he handpicked Jye’s to grace the June cover.

Indesign June 2013 Cover
5-strand Necklace
Wave Bangle
Gold Bangle
Multi Center Pendants
Invisible Set

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